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Excellent Sheep – The Failed Promise of Ivy League Schools


This notion that you’ve got to do X, Y, and Z or else your life is over makes you end up as a high functioning sheep. You end up being the kind of leader that I talk about in the last section of the book. You get the top, or you get near the top, but you don’t actually do anything interesting there—you just sort of fulfill your function in the organization. You don’t initiate or create.

Kids who have the yoke of perfection thrust upon them, tend to strive for perfection within the boundaries of the system in which they find themselves. But success in life looks very different than academia, and often requires significant thinking beyond the current system – and many schools are missing that very point.

Ivy League schools promise success, but often lead to depression

The True Cost of the World Cup

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The seven cities that built stadiums for this World Cup and the five cities that renovated existing ones spent billions that could have improved the lives of people like Oliveira, who has high blood pressure and struggles to afford her medicine.

For years, protesters have reminded the Brazilian government that hosting the world’s biggest soccer tournament is the world’s worst idea for their country.

The Fox wonders if the cost of hosting world-wide sporting events is much higher than the price tag on the new stadiums.

The Dazzle and the Desolation of Stadiums in World Cup Host Cities

Is There a Right Way to Copy?


Good copying learns from another’s innovation and then applies it in a novel way to a new context in a way that doesn’t diminish the source invention.

David Smith on the inevitability of copying ideas from one another, but searching for a proper way to define healthy copying versus just ripping something off. I think he found a pretty good example with Flappy Golf.

The Right Way to Copy

Reminds the Fox a bit of Seth Godin’s plea for people to steal his ideas.