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Bentley Ad Shot Entirely With iPhone 5s

This beautiful short documentary style ad for the new Bentley Mulsanne was shot entirely with an iPhone 5s and edited on an iPad Air.

They definitely used some high end gear with the iPhone so it doesn’t look like the videos you and I take holding it with our hands, but the fact that so much “pro” video gear is made for the iPhone proves just how powerful this tiny video camera is.

See the proof for yourself. Stay tuned to the very end to see some behind the scenes shots.

Mobile Memory Lane

In honor of the iPhone’s 7th birthday, let us never forget…

In January 2007 Apple announced the iPhone…

original iPhone

…and in November 2007 – a full 10 months later – Google announced this…

Original Android Phone

What’s the difference? Google wasn’t trying to build a better phone, they were just trying to get people on phones to search the web using Google.

Fox Tip: Short-sighted business goals have never created an amazing product.