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Sony’s Run at Pro Photography Is Real


By the end of 2008, the Konica Minolta heritage still shone strong in Sony’s Alpha DSLRs (not that this was a bad thing); however, it was benefiting in a major way from Sony’s superior marketing capabilities and brand recognition. It was the fastest growing brand in the DSLR market from 2006 to 2008, and seized the third largest share of the market, behind only Canon and Nikon, within two years of the introduction of the A100.

Unlike the giants like Canon and Nikon which have been building their products for decades, in just 8 years Sony has turned their purchase of Konica Minolta into a significant range of pro-sumer cameras that can really stand on their own.

While many other companies have been satisfied with slapping incremental improvements onto faux-retro bodies and calling it innovation, Sony embodies the “try anything once” mentality. In a matter of just eight years, Alpha cameras sped through their awkward Dad-driving-you-and-your-date-to-prom teenage period, and developed a spirit and character all their own, based largely on embracing the technological cutting edge.

Judging by the reviews of the A7 and A7s, I anticipate many new photographers and even some of the Canon and Nikon pros will take a serious look at Sony.

Alpha Dog: How Sony Created the Most Innovative Camera Brand in Under a Decade

Are Designers Delivering Solutions People Actually Want?


It’s worth noting that everyone I know who’s happiest with Facebook uploads whatever they want, including ugly, low-resolution photos, garbage meme-images, random, hyper-compressed videos, and the rest of the junk that they find interesting. It all looks insane in Paper. Wanting users to spring for DSLRs and learn how to shoot their kale salad with a shallow depth of field so that the very lovely new app you’ve built isn’t ruined by their tastelessness is exactly backwards.

Interesting take on how Design and designers may be losing credibility by not delivering solutions people actually want.

Designer Duds – Design finally won “a seat at the table.” Is it now set to lose it?

Lamborghini Made of Paper


The Fox has been following the work of Taras Lasko for about 4 years now. His papercraft projects are nothing less than epic, and he captures them all in time-lapse for us to enjoy.

Check out one of his latest projects, building a giant paper Lamborghini Aventador police car that he hung nicely on his wall at home.

You should definitely spend some time checking out his site at visualspicer.com.

Behind the Stick of the Worlds Fastest Plane – The SR-71 Blackbird

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.03.23 PM

“Well, let’s go look at the bird.” They were all in small hangars, all closed. We unlocked the back doors, turned on the lights, and I thought “Oh lord, there’s a spaceship.”

Not many remember the SR-71 Blackbird, still the fastest jet ever built. It is truly a marvel of innovation and technology and hearing former pilot Rick McCrary talk about flying it is absolutely surreal.

Flying the world’s fastest plane: Behind the stick of the SR-71

Box Built a $2Billion Business Catering to Customers it Never Expected


“Business wasn’t really on the road map because none of us had ever worked in a business. So we didn’t realize that this opportunity existed,” Ghods admitted. “It wasn’t until we started selling to businesses that businesses were calling us and saying, ‘We’re not paying you nearly enough for what value you’re providing. This is great!’ So we started to catch on that there’s this entire enterprise market that is very available for the taking.”

Box founder Aaron Levie and his co-founders had never even worked in a corporate environment and didn’t know that document sharing in the enterprise was in such terrible shape. More proof you don’t have to have all the answers to start your business. In fact, you never will.

How Aaron Levie and his childhood friends built a $2 billion business, without stabbing each other in the back