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Man Invests in 49-Year-Old Post Office Employee


By his late forties, he was still a postal worker by day, writing a column for LA’s underground magazine Open City in his spare time and collaborating on a short-lived literary magazine with another poet.

In 1969, the year before Bukowski’s fiftieth birthday, he caught the attention of Black Sparrow Press publisher John Martin, who offered Buk a monthly stipend of $100 to quit his day job and dedicate himself fully to writing.

Look around and you will find greatness sitting in a soul-sucking job waiting for someone to believe in them.

Bukowski’s Letter of Gratitude to the Man Who Helped Him Quit His Soul-Sucking Job and Become a Full-Time Writer

Impossible to Hide


Joey L. received a cryptic tweet from one of his followers asking if he was in India in 2007. In fact he was, and the story from there is quite incredible.

As we head toward taking over 800 billion photos in 2014 alone, the Fox imagines these encounters will become much more common – and it will become impossible to hide.

I Was Hidden on This Guy’s Hard Drive for Over 6 Years

The True Cost of the World Cup

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.52.33 AM

The seven cities that built stadiums for this World Cup and the five cities that renovated existing ones spent billions that could have improved the lives of people like Oliveira, who has high blood pressure and struggles to afford her medicine.

For years, protesters have reminded the Brazilian government that hosting the world’s biggest soccer tournament is the world’s worst idea for their country.

The Fox wonders if the cost of hosting world-wide sporting events is much higher than the price tag on the new stadiums.

The Dazzle and the Desolation of Stadiums in World Cup Host Cities

Is There a Right Way to Copy?


Good copying learns from another’s innovation and then applies it in a novel way to a new context in a way that doesn’t diminish the source invention.

David Smith on the inevitability of copying ideas from one another, but searching for a proper way to define healthy copying versus just ripping something off. I think he found a pretty good example with Flappy Golf.

The Right Way to Copy

Reminds the Fox a bit of Seth Godin’s plea for people to steal his ideas.

Remote Work Improves Diversity


The culture you describe in the book is very much centered on young, male, tech-savvy, western-socialised software developers. I was envisioning myself (female, a generation older, and while working in the tech world, not a technical person myself) in that specific culture and imagined I’d probably be rather miserable. 🙂

It may seem obvious, but companies that are mostly or even 100% remote-work environments actually promote diversity largely by removing all the basic personal attributes that can be used to (often unknowingly) discriminate.

Remote Work Improves Diversity

The Real Story Behind Apple’s Think Different Campaign

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.26.43 PM

Jobs was quiet during the pitch, but he seemed intrigued throughout, and now it was time for him to talk. He looked around the room filled with the “Think Different” billboards and said, “This is great, this is really great … but I can’t do this. People already think I’m an egotist, and putting the Apple logo up there with all these geniuses will get me skewered by the press.” The room was totally silent. The “Think Different” campaign was the only campaign we had in our bag of tricks, and I thought for certain we were toast. Steve then paused and looked around the room and said out loud, yet almost as if to his own self, “What am I doing? Screw it. It’s the right thing. It’s great. Let’s talk tomorrow.” In a matter of seconds, right before our very eyes, he had done a complete about-face.

Amazing retelling of the how the Apple Think Different advertising campaign came about by Rob Siltanen, the creative director and managing partner at TBWA/Chiat/Day when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

The Real Story Behind Apple’s ‘Think Different’ Campaign