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R.I.P. Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli

There is a certain amount of latitude between what is good, what is elegant, and what is refined that can take many, many manifestations. It doesn’t have to be one style. We’re not talking about style, we’re talking about quality.

The world has lost a great designer.

R.I.P. Massimo Vignelli, One Of The Greatest 20th Century Designers

Daring Greatly with the Creator of Zenpencils.com


I have vivid memories of working my old office job where it felt like my creativity was being sucked out of every pore of my body, not to mention the shift work hours, trudging to the office on weekends and national holidays. Whenever I need that extra jolt of motivation, I just think back to those days.

Gavin Aung Than took a big risk to follow his heart, and created the powerful webcomic zenpencils.com. Check out this interview by the equally amazing Brene Brown.

The Daring Interview Series: Meet Gavin Aung Than

Lamborghini Made of Paper


The Fox has been following the work of Taras Lasko for about 4 years now. His papercraft projects are nothing less than epic, and he captures them all in time-lapse for us to enjoy.

Check out one of his latest projects, building a giant paper Lamborghini Aventador police car that he hung nicely on his wall at home.

You should definitely spend some time checking out his site at visualspicer.com.

Jonathan Ive On Apple’s Future

“At Apple, there’s almost a joy in looking at your ignorance and realizing, ‘Wow, we’re going to learn about this and, by the time we’re done, we’re going to really understand and do something great.’ Apple is imperfect, like every large collection of people. But we have a rare quality. There is this almost pre-verbal, instinctive understanding about what we do, why we do it. We share the same values.”

Having that understanding of “what we do and why we do it” buried so intensely deep into the culture is the treasured gold that so many other companies are really trying to duplicate – not a product, but a purpose.

Jonathan Ive Designs Tomorrow

Seeing the Future of Logging


…a few weeks later Godsall approached his bosses with a question: “Why are we hunting for sunken logs when there are entire forests waiting to be reclaimed?” Godsall suggested they build technology to go after all the standing underwater timber in the world. Everyone just laughed. Godsall resigned two days later, and in May 2000 he launched Triton.

Not everyone has the vision to see a new opportunity. Sometimes we have to pave the way ourselves. Glad Godsall started the adventure.

Reservoir Logs