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Trey Ratcliff and His Photography Drone Visit China…and a Police Detention Center

Image Via Stuck in Customs

My assistant is this 28-year-old female who was kind of cute and quite bubbly named Ady. I say this because it comes into play later in the story. One other thing I can tell you about her is that she was absolutely zero help in warning me that I was about to fly the quadcopter over the Chinese NSA and FBI buildings. That’s one of those things I would have liked to know.

Definitely would have been some good information.

Anyway, I went out to get my batteries and walked back. I saw Ady still standing by my quadcopter with a rather surly-looking female police officer. I was getting a bad vibe. As I approached, the surliness seemed to increase, and it was really harshin’ my mellow.

What happens next is totally worth the read. If you and your drone are planning upcoming travels to China, you should read this first.

Beijing From Above, Aka The Story Of How I Was Detained By The Police For Flying My DJI Quadcopter

Then and Now – D-Day June 6, 1944


70 years ago Operation Overlord (D-Day) involved 156,000 allied soldiers storming the beaches of France to rid the Nazi occupation. Peter Macdiarmid has taken photographs that match up with archived photos from that day to create this stunning interactive Then and Now piece. Very powerful.

D-Day Landing Scenes in 1944 and Now

First Woman Flies Solo Around the World in 1964…And is Then Forgotten


Yet Earhart was a full-time aviator with a passenger who served as navigator; Mock was a full-time mother of three flying solo. Earhart had crossed both oceans; Mock, a licensed pilot for only seven years, had never flown farther than the Bahamas. Compared with Earhart’s brand-new, twin-engine airplane, Mock’s single-engine Cessna was 11 years old, with fresh paint covering the cracks and corrosion.

In April 1964 Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly solo around the world, yet the history books don’t include her name. Her incredible feat has been almost completely forgotten.

How An Ohio Housewife Flew Around The World, Made History, And Was Then Forgotten

Sneaking Into Hell

Avey persuaded a Dutch Jew at the factory to switch places with him for a night, a monumental risk that could get both of them shot. The Dutchman agreed for the sake of an evening with better rations, a more comfortable bed and a reprieve, however brief, from the unremitting horror. He and Avey were roughly the same height and build, but that, Avey said, wasn’t enough.

During World War II, few were trying to sneak into Nazi concentration camps – but that’s exactly what Denis Avey attempted. The 91-year-old finally tells his story.

Brit lauded for helping Jews in Auschwitz

How the Secret Police Tracked My Childhood


“At 01:32 in the morning, we could hear someone trying the door to the room equipped with listening devices. The door doesn’t open. We hear the footsteps of someone walking away and the insistent barking of the dog as to a person who is a stranger to the house.”

It is a transcript of the Securitate registering itself in the act of trying to come into the house to change the microphones. I read this file last August for the first time. It made me understand that when we heard noises in those years in Romania we weren’t really crazy as we thought.

Escaping the abusive communist regime in Romania took an entirely different kind of leadership. The kind that costs everything.

How the secret police tracked my childhood