Refactoring Fox Philosophy

The Refactoring Fox believes leadership, creativity and the arts are intrinsically linked, and the technology space (among others) is flourishing where these ingredients are being cultivated.

The Fox delivers daily stories, quotes and lessons from amazing leaders building the future right now.

We can, of course, learn from those who don’t succeed as well. These lessons are just as valuable; perhaps more so. The Fox believes failure isn’t always an indictment of the leader, rather just the first necessary step toward success. But there’s no reason for us to repeat those mistakes. Let’s embrace the freedom to make new ones!

Finally, the Refactoring Fox believes incredible things can happen when creative leaders are given the freedom to chase a dream. The goal of this blog is to help us take a look at the amazing things others are up to, get inspired, and go chase ours dreams with the same passion.

Oh…and the Fox loves friends. Great stories delivered to Twitter and Facebook daily. Let’s connect!

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