More Than Real

What is real? The desk you’re sitting at seems real enough. The conversations you had yesterday certainly felt real? What about the thoughts that course through your mind at night when you’re trying to sleep? Are they real? And those dreams you have when you finally fall asleep? How do we know what is real?

In his acclaimed short film The Third & the Seventh Alex Roman creates vivid enviroscapes that draw you in and compel you to do something very real – feel. You can feel the reality of the spaces. The emptiness of the rooms. The grandeur of the buildings. The breeze sliding though the trees and the leaves swirling toward the ground. And you will likely feel something else – emotion. Peace, intrigue, wonder, confusion, beauty, awe. You may even feel compelled to try and interpret what you’re seeing – to connect the disjointed landscapes.

But here’s the secret. While your feelings are all very real, nothing you see actually is.

That’s because Alex is a computer graphics wizard specializing in creating ultra real environments that look more real than the room you’re sitting in right now, but are complete digital fabrications.
His film is a beautiful case study of the unreal eliciting the very real.

The film doesn’t relish in the technical intricacies of computer animation. It doesn’t flaunt the skill of creating unimaginably real looking environments with a computer. In fact, it excels at doing quite the opposite. And if I hadn’t told you that everything you’re about to see – every room, every book, every picture, every building, the vintige cameras, blades of grass and blowing leaves – are all completely digital, you would likely never even know – except in those few enjoyable moments where Alex wants you to know.

And perhaps that’s the point. To marvel at something created first in Alex’s imagination, then in an entirely digital space, only to be finally transferred into our own imaginations. A digital circuit connected through the real tissue of human experience.

So plug in your headphones and enjoy the unreal.

The Third & The Seventh

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Fox Tip: Our digital creations need to elicit great emotions, not just because it sells more products, but because people need more joy in their lives.

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