Vox Media Evolves the Newsroom

Working in a newsroom these days really does feel like the early days of terrestrial life. There is a whole new environment to explore, whole new appendages and organs to discard or evolve into more useful forms, and all sorts of crazy ideas to try about how best to get around. A lot of the time it may seem that newsrooms are merely flopping about in the mud using misshapen flippers for feet, but it’s exciting to think that all the creativity and experimentation being brought to the newsroom by the inclusion of technology and design teams could lead to same kind of evolutionary leaps that brought about wonderful things like flight and the human brain and pizza delivery.

The Vox media and technology team are tackling a significant task in an effort to create a 21st century newsroom. I suspect the lessons they will learn and share will be monumental in the coming age.

The Evolution of News Tech Teams

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