Moving People Forward

Ideas are fleeting. Those who make time to cultivate them will be rewarded by the rest of us who didn’t.

The other day the fox had a really great idea. No, an absolutely brilliant idea. The kind of idea that could change the world, or at least the thick lusciously Internet-connected woods he dwells in, and probably the prairies and mountains as far as his super keen fox eyes can see.

And with this absolutely mind-blowing idea the fox proceeded to do exactly what the fox does with almost all his great ideas. He forgot it. In the midst of the muck and the mire of the day-to-day duties (hunting and gathering for the fam’ hath no end, as you surely know), the thought was given space in his smallish canine brain to linger for a few seconds. It was such a cool idea, the fox was sure there was no way he would forget it. It was several weeks before he even remembered that he forgot it.

It’s possible this fox has matured into middle age a bit sooner than expected.

So here I sit, in my densely wooded cove warning you about my lost idea. I do this not so you’ll share in the fox’s sadness (though if you’re a bit misty, it’s cool), but so that together we might figure out a way to build more space in our lives to truly ponder and cultivate the great ideas that emerge in our brains at seemingly random times throughout the day…and write them down.

Shane Chen, founder and lead inventor at Inventist, has done just that and it has allowed him to dedicate the last 10 years to the art of moving people. No, not emotionally, like I clearly have with you, but physically – like from point A to point B. That may seem a redundant focus since we’ve all been blessed with limbs that accomplish this very thing for us already, but Shane’s desire is to help us move smarter, and have more fun in the process.

So in memorial to my brilliant and world-changing, but so very lost, idea (and all of your ideas suffering the same fate), today we bask in three of Shane’s ideas that not only managed to stay out of the lost-and-found bin, but turned into some really fun and creative products.

Solo Wheel

We’ve all seen the Segway scooter that launched with a sparkle, then quickly faded into a tool for pretentious athletes and inner-city tour groups. Well the Solo Wheel is the smaller, smarter self-standing people mover for the rest of the human race.
solo wheel


And if powered motion isn’t your style, there’s the Orbitwheel. More of a skateboarding style motion that provides more physical fitness benefits, and will make you more popular with the cool kids. (Who can resist hanging with the cool kids?)
Orbit Wheel

And finally…


Because some people really love 2 wheels better than one, but are tired of chaining their Segway to a tree outside the restaurant like a goon.
Hover Trax

That’s right! The Hovertrax is on Kickstarter, and you can get yours for a donation of just $695! Heck, buy two! You and your friends will be the coolest yuppies at the bar, for sure!

Fox Tip: Ideas are fleeting. Those who make time to cultivate them will be rewarded by the rest of us who didn’t.

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