All Growns Up


We were shooting in a trendy bar and suddenly I ran into some classmates from film school and I could just see the way they were looking at me — with this big poufy thing on my shoulder and some actors and a scene lit with lamps from a discount home store — that they were thinking Doug’s lost it. Just that, like, this poor guy, maybe he showed some promise in film school, but he has clearly gone off the reservation. This is not how you make a movie on any level. There is no aspect of this that looks professional. – Doug Liman

A great telling of the making of the movie Swingers. John Favreau, Vince Vaughn and director Doug Liman went a lot further than most to make their movie a reality. And now they get to make movies like Iron Man, Wedding Crashers and Bourne Identity. Not bad.

You’re So Money

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