Steve Jobs Speaks at WWDC in 1997

In 1997, Apple had just purchased NeXT computer, bringing Steve Jobs back to the company he founded. He had no official role except as an advisor to the CEO and the Board, but because he’s Steve Jobs, they decided to give him an hour at the end of the World Wide Developer Conference to chat it up with the audience of Apple developers.

The fox has watched this video at least 100 times (thus the less than stellar quality) but I’m still in awe at how Steve can enthrall a crowd, to the point of telling developers their code sucks, then getting cheers from said developers? (Who does that?)

Oh…and he does a pretty great job of predicting, from his little stool there in 1997, the future that you and I live in today. I suppose that’s mostly because he created a lot of it.

Fox Tip: For some extra time warp vibes, watch this video on your iPhone. Enjoy!

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