After Pledging A “Better Evernote”, Evernote Updates Data Sync, Now 4X Faster

Evernote continues forward, but is it moving enough?


Earlier this month, Evernote — the note-taking app with some 80 million users and over $250 million in funding — took a humble pill after former TechCrunch writer Jason Kincaid slammed the company for letting its software development slip and the app fill with glitches. “I could quibble with the specifics,” wrote CEO Phil Libin, “but reading Jason’s article was a painful and frustrating experience because, in the big picture, he’s right. We’re going to fix this.”

Today comes part one of that repair job: Evernote is updating the synchronization that lets you keep exact copies of all of your data across different devices and in the cloud. It’s the first time since syncing was first introduced in 2008 that the whole system, including the server side, has been upgraded. The new technology is going to more reliable, but also more zippy — some four times quicker in synching users’ information…

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