Speak My Language

Communication is one of the most important skills in any job, but the NFL provides a unique microcosm emphasizing the value of efficiently communicating information.

Now I enjoy watching football, but I’ve never played. I have very little insight into all the intricacies that take place right in front of me as I watch games. But reading through how play calling systems have evolved in the sport certainly has some insights for all of us in how we communicate.

This effectively makes the Coryell system sound a lot like current West Coast offense play calls, which have no organizing principle and have morphed into monstrosities like “Scatter-Two Bunch-Right-Zip-Fire 2 Jet Texas Right-F Flat X-Q.” The advantage of a play call like this is that it informs a player of his job better than other systems do. The disadvantage is that it’s excessively clunky, and plays that are conceptually the same can have wildly different calls.

Read how Tom Brady and the Patriots have built a better communication system, and a more efficient offense in the process.

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